About Us


Love to Swim? Protect your skin!

Our founder, Karen, is an expert swimmer and swim teacher who suffered greatly from dry skin and eczema but refused to avoid salt water and chlorinated pools. Every product she tried failed to live up to some fairly simple standards. Her standards were strict, but simple. The products had to be effective, all-natural, reef-safe, and suitable for all ages. She went on a quest to develop the ultimate in skin-care products for swimmers. She worked with a lab to formulate products that used natural ingredients and that really worked. She is very excited to be offering these ExerShield products to her fellow water lovers. 

Karen supports the National Drowning Prevention Alliance by educating children and adults about water safety and drowning prevention.
Working together, we can make an impact!

In addition, Karen's is very passionate about rescue dogs and loves all dogs.  Her latest rescue dog, Kota, was initially very frightened of water but in much need of a bath.  This is what inspired Karen to work with vets and product formulators to come up with a dry powder shampoo with therapeutic essentials oils.  These oils are at a level appropriate for dogs sensitive noses and can provide a multitude of benefits.  This is all in addition to cleaning your dog.